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Primus Super Speciality Hospital Fight Malaria Mayhem in Monsoons



Malaria by far has been one of the most talked about disease by the physicians, researchers and biotechnologist and has also created substantial amount of chaos in the general public. A female has (female Anopheles Mosquito- pun intended) has generated enough chills and made the world shiver and sweat as much as the 9/11 attack did.
Malaria is a serious infectious disease that causes cycles of chills, high fever, and sweating. One can get the disease from a bite by an infected mosquito. Some types of malaria may cause more serious problems, such as damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, or brain. These types can be deadly.Malaria is often found in Africa, southern Asia, Central America and South America and it’s rare in United State of America.
How can one get infected with malaria?
1. Bite from an infected mosquito.
2. rare cases people can get malaria if they come into contact with infected blood
3. developing fetus may get the disease from its mother
4. You cannot get malaria just by being near a person who has the disease Your doctor will order a blood test to check for the malaria parasite in your blood.
Medicines usually can treat the illness. But some malarial parasites may survive because they are in your liver or they are resistant to the medicine.


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