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Joint aches – Joint Replacement Surgery – Primus Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi, India – Best Hospital for joint replacement surgery



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The knee joint being the largest joints in the body provides mobility and support to carry a significant portion of the human body weight. The knee joint acts as a hinge which allows the lower joint surface of thye thigh bone to rotate on the upper joint surface of the shinbone and knee cap (patella). The supporting muscles and cartilages and ligaments further protect and support the joint and prevent side to side movement.
Degeneration of knee , causes of which could be multiple like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-injury, severe previous infections, the joint surface of the ends of the bones called articular surfaces are eroded away. If erosion is in the early stage, physiotherapy and pain killers may be sufficient. However, if erosion, of the articular cartilage is significant, then the orthopedic surgeon may recommend total knee replacement.

knee pain
Total knee replacement involves reshaping or resurfacing the knee joints , replacing the damaged articular cartilage and diseased bone with implants made of metal and high quality plastics. These are generally joined to the bone by bone cements. Joint replacement surgery is a common and successful procedure that improves knee motion and let you resume relatively normal activities of daily living
without pain and also restores function.
Primus Super Speciality has set up new benchmarks in Joint Replacements surgeries conducted by Dr Surya Bhan who is regarded as one of Asia’s best Joint Replacement Surgeon, and his team of 0rthopedics doctors at its New Delhi Center. The Primus Joint Replacement center has treated thousands of patients with joint aches, knee problems, hip joint problem and other knee problems with excellent clinical results and fantastic patient satisfaction.
Services at Primus Super Speciality Hospital have been iconic, and due to which it can be regarded as one of the the best hospital for joint replacement surgery because for its academically qualified surgeons, surgical skills, post treatment patient care. Primus has a dedicated joint replacement center, Sports injury and Medicine center (knee and shoulder Arthroscopy,. Ligament repair, ACL reconstructive surgery etc ) running in chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

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Primus Super Speciality Hospital has been running the following center of excellence successfully and have been treating thousands of patients across the world with fantastic patient satisfaction .
Primus Orthopedic Center
Primus Spine Center
Primus Centre for Sports Medicine
Primus Neurology and Neurosurgery center
Primus Digestive and Hepatobilliary Center
Primus Urology centre
Primus Fertility center
Primus Diabetes , Obesity, and Endocrine Centre
Primus ENT & Cochlear Implant Centre
Primus Oncology centre
Primus Department of Dental Sciences
Primus Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Primus Eye Care Centre
Primus Complete Health Check Centre


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