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Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery



Weight Loss , gymming, Bariatric surgery, Liposuction – by weight loss and bariatric division – PRIMUS SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL , Chanakyapuri

Weight loss options

• Eat healthy
• Exercise , Gymming , weight loss programs
• Liposuction
• Bariatric surgery
• Gastric bypass
• Gastric ballooning

With numerous fitness routines and fad diets applications in every cell phones , it is quite impossible to keep a tab on which weight loss guidelines really do work and which don’t. after reading trail of books on weight loss there is a summary for weight begin with here are on some uncomplicated & healthy weight loss tips-

weight loss1: -make up your mind how much weight you want to lose , err …rrr…r ….. “You need to lose” – you might want to lose 20 pounds but that much weight lose may not be the appropriate weight for you . So once you will lose that much weight you will feel tired and week and it may be you put on that weight back on again. So make realistic choices.

2: -Calculate your basal metabolic index – BMI, and set a healthy weight loss objective.

3: -Time management – Decide which part of the day will be devoted to exercise

4:- Stock the kitchen with healthy, meals and snacks – Keep your home well-stocked with fresh vegetables , fruits, healthy meats, cereals and grains,.

5: -Have healthy home cooked meals & keep yourself away from French fries, and aerated drink, Junk food.

6: -Start a cardio + weights workout – cardio will help you loose weight and weight training will help you tone up and strengthen up. A fine exercise routine, which includes weight training combined with cardio is the best way to lose weight. Weight must be done under strict guidance of an expert to prevent you from getting hurt.

7:- follow some activity sports like cycling, basketball, trekking, etc, remember you lose weight even when you go for shopping provided you don’t stop for the cream coffee coffer every time you shop.

8: -Drink water. Yes drinking just plain water will help you lose weight faster. It will flush out toxins from your system, clearing it up.

9:-Decrease your salt content. Do not add over the table salt to your dishes. You body needs less than 2400 milligrams (mg) per day.

Too much of salt can lead to w3atewr retension and lead to other problem in due course of time .

Other Options Include Surgical Like Liposuction And Bariatric, Only If You Have Difficulty In Loosing Weight

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