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Cardiovascular Disease


Cardiovascular diseases have been a primary reason for increasing deaths with the growing population and the age old problem. Cardiovascular diseases are the primary reason for the premature deaths in the World leading to heart attacks, strokes, etc.

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The cardiovascular diseases are primarily caused by the change in the lifestyle of the people. The wrong eating habits and unhealthy living with the inebriation of alcohol and smoke can lead to a weak heart beginning with a simple heart burn.
On a global scale, the number of deaths due to the cardiovascular disease increased by 41% between 1990 and 2013. When the data from 188 countries was analysed, the death rates for specific age groups dropped by 39%. It has been observed in comparison with the all the regions of the World, the death rates due to the cardiovascular diseases have fallen drastically except in the Western Sub- Saharan Africa region.
If we talk about India alone, there has been a major increase in the total number of deaths due to the cardiovascular diseases with a whopping rate of 1.8 Million more deaths, the percentage increase of 97% was witnessed. The reasons have been purely based on old age issues and growing population.
There is a reverse pattern seen in Middle East and North Africa, population growth and aging have been offset by a significant decline in age-specific death rates from cardiovascular disease, which has kept the increase in deaths to just under 50%.
Taken together as a region, the United States and Canada were among a small number of places with no detectable change in the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases, because aging and population growth balanced out declines in age-specific death rates.
So is it possible, to change the number of deaths happening due to the cardiovascular diseases owing to population and old age issues? What is the effect of these two factors in question, population aging and population growth?
Well, as many questions arise at this alarming point, it has been observed that 55% of the contribution for Cardiovascular diseases has been because of population aging and 25% owes to the population growth. Changes because of the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases are another factor for the same.
Researchers worldwide has examined if wealthier countries have any effect in the decrease of cardiovascular diseases in comparison with the poor developing countries, and it was found that there was a strong correlation seen income per capita and lower age-specific death rates.
The dramatic improvement in the death rates seen in some regions was attributed to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in part by reducing risk factors including smoking. Primary care management of other risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, are also important.
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