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Dissolvable Stents-A new future in cardiac care


The interventional cardiology team in the US has been instrumental in offering the patient with a new, one of a kind treatment for the coronary artery disease.
One of the top interventional cardiologists in the US implanted the world’s first FDA-approved dissolving heart stent.  The Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold is a major advance in the treatment of CAD. Every year the disease affects millions of people worldwide even after major advances in cardiac care.
Stents are made up of metal but this special stent by Abbott is made up of a naturally dissolving material which disappears completely in about three years after it stops the artery from being clogged, in comparison to traditional metal stents which require additional cardiac care after the procedure.


Why was a dissolvable metal stent needed when we had a traditional stent available? It is seen that once a blockage in a blood vessel is cleared, then the cardiac care helps heal the vessel. After the vessel is healed, the traditional metallic stent serves as a hindrance and nothing else. On the contrary, the stent which dissolves can do its work and after strengthening the vessel can no longer pose as a hindrance.
Benefits of the dissolvable stent:
·         Allows the artery to pulse and flex naturally.
·         Reduces the risk of future blockages that occur with metallic stents.
·         Makes it easier for doctors to offer additional interventions in the future if necessary.
The new stent is a landmark in the history of Interventional cardiology and will be instrumental in making this a huge success in the coming future.
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