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Basically all types of Hair transplant techniques are focused on the density of the hair. HD or high density Micro follicular hair transplant is a technique through which large amount of hair follicles or roots are implanted on a balding part to convert it in to a natural high hair density region. The technique involves refining of the hair follicles which have been extracted via FUE or Strip method (Slivering) under 20 time Microscopes before being implanted to give a completely natural look.


Micro-follicular Hair Transplant vs. Normal Hair Transplant

Aesthetic results of Hair Transplant depends squarely on the density of the restored hair and the minimum amount of integument on the hair follicle. . To get the best results and most natural looking hairs it is very important to focus on the quality of the follicles being harvested and on the density of the hair regenerated. While normal hair transplant also provides with re-growth of the hair but what makes High Density Hair Transplant special is the resultant density that it offers. Extremely dense hair that gives very natural look and aesthetically beautiful results is the prime USP of HD Micro-Follicular Hair Transplant.

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