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HEART ATTACK – The Most Common Cause for Women’s Death



Nitika Walia woke up and went about her day like it was any other. While she was out shopping she experienced a burning sensation in her chest. Maybe it was anxiety, she thought.  I can’t be having a heart attack she confirmed from her friend over the phone.

But as a matter of fact, she was having a heart attack. When she got to the hospital, the nurses rushed her in and immediately hooked her to an IV.  Following this was an ECG. Later doctors discovered that her heart’s circumflex artery was 99 per cent blocked because of a clot, while the rest of her arteries had only moderate plaque build-up, the plaque ruptured and had become lodged in her heart.


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The Emotional Recovery:

“Even though I was ‘fixed,’ it was still such a shock to the system,” says Nitika. It really did flatten me. There were weeks when pretty much all I did was cry—just out of fear. What will my life look like now?”

But mentally and emotionally, the scars are still raw. “Wondering if, or when, it will happen again is the worst,” says Darlene. “It is hard going through a heart attack as a young person. I felt like people were judging me, like I must have a really unhealthy lifestyle to have a heart attack in my thirties.”

Depression is a huge problem for young women after a heart attack. “They become aware of their own mortality at a young age.” Meanwhile, they are less likely to go to cardiac rehab—hospital-led programs designed to bring survivors together to get the support and skills they need to make a full recovery—than are men.

For many the after effects of a heart attack is more predominant to recover from. They go into depression and never seem to eat right.

This leads to a bigger risk of depression which eventually leads to stress. It is this stress which leads to the reoccurrence of this heart condition of a bigger heart attack.

These conditions of stress and depression leads to the giant stigma of weight gain.

Reducing Their Risk

 By focusing on the right diet and eating healthy foods along with fresh fruits leads to a controlled weight. This reduces the risk of a severe heart condition.

Staying happy is very important for avoiding the risk of a heart condition or the one leading to a heart attack.

Heart Attacks in Young Women: A Growing Problem

Women between the ages of 35 and 45 are dying of heart attacks more than ever.

22.5 percent women die of cardiovascular diseases each year between the age of 25 to 60. It is a growing epidemic. Many of them die of this because of not being diagnosed of the heart condition properly. “There’s a misconception that heart attacks are for old women”. “Heart disease isn’t on young women’s radars. Many don’t know their blood pressure or cholesterol.”

Whatever way you cut it, though, heart disease is still the number-one health threat to women over the age of 35. We need to spread awareness about this disease amongst young minds and hearts to make them realize that it acts as a silent killer.

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