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Myth of Bariatric Surgery



Bariatric surgery is a lifestyle modification surgery and not a weight loss surgery. The biggest myth is that bariatric surgery will make you more beautiful or good looking. Infect it is tool which can make your soul beautiful.

Dr.Rajat Goel

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You want to know how?

Just imagine living in a house which is full of garbage, blocked kitchen and leaking roof. Just imagine that leaking roof and garbage has blocked exit of your house and there is no electricity and no air to breath, what will happen to you? You will choke to death. This is what diseases like obesity and it’s complications like type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, sleep apnea, bilateral knee arthritis do to your soul in your body. These diseases destroy your liver (the kitchen making food or building proteins for your body) by making it fatty, destroy your kidney (the toilet of your house) and in turn prevent you from sleeping by repeated   choking due to sleep apnea and hypertension and in turn destroying your heart (the electricity).

What do you think? Will you remain in that house for long?

The answer is a big NO. Same thing you are doing to your soul with all these diseases associated with obesity. You are sitting on living time bomb ready to explode any time.

People often ask me if bariatric surgery is safe and remind me of some unfortunate incidents that have happened after surgery and if surgery has some side effects.

I just tell them one thing that bariatric surgery will give them another shot at healthy living and all obesity related disease will be benefited, all unfortunate incidents happened not because of surgery but because the obesity time bomb exploded before any positive effects started.

I truly believe that bariatric surgery adds healthy quality years to your life, it may not make you more beautiful but it will definitely give your soul a beautiful and clean house to live in.



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