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Yoga and Knee Replacement



Knee joint replacement happens when less invasive treatments fail. It is a major change in the body. Yoga is an Indian practice followed predominantly in all age groups. So the question arises, will I be able to do yoga after knee joint replacement??

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Knee Replacements

Knee joint is placed in a healthy body after the knee joint is resurfaced and the surrounding bone and cartilage is removed. Old women and obese persons are the most predominant patients for knee joint replacement. Some people owe it to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the locality water and the wrong intake of certain food items which don’t benefit the body at all. They infect lead to deterioration of the joint further.

Next question arises is that how much will be the flexibility of the knee?

It is observed that your knee will not be as flexible as it was. Obviously, owing to the surgical process performed, the body has been subjected to put a foreign body in itself.  This can be a major challenge to be accepted by the body. Hence, the flexibility can range to quite lesser than the normal range of 0-140 degree.


We have to keep the knee aligned carefully. We have to keep the knees properly aligned with ankles and hips in order to protect the knee after surgery. Standing pose done with careful alignment will make the hamstrings and quadriceps stronger which often become weak.

Use of Props

Props are helpful when performing yoga after a knee replacement surgery. Props such as straps and blankets, etc. are great for assistance. Using a block for squats or hero pose in which you try to sit between your feet with your shins pointing back on either side of your hips is very helpful.

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