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Patients Review:

Patient Name              : Mrs. Harminder Kaur

My Wife got operated for both of her Knees from Primus Super Speciality Hospital under the kind care of Dr. Surya Bhan on 17th Jan, 2017. She was in great pain before the surgery and was unable to perform daily activities, walking was a great effort for her. After consulting Dr. Bhan and their team, we got great confidence that she can be improved. We decided to get operated and soon after the operation, I saw a change in her attitude. She was happy and confident again.

Knee replacement

Knee Replacement Hospital in India | Top Ten Hospital in Delhi NCR

After the surgery, it was like a miracle and as we were told that my wife will be ok and fine, she is walking without any pain and support. Dr. Bhan got the smile back on her face. All credits goes to Dr. Surya Bhan and his team for their sincere efforts and medical care.

Hospital services are wonderful and I personally recommended this hospital to everyone.


Mr. Singh


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