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Leadless Pacemakers



Patients with severe/symptomatic bradycardia, an arrhythmia indicating an unusually slow heart rate are treated by implantation of pacemakers. A pacemaker is a device that sends small electrical impulses to the heart muscle to maintain a suitable heart rate. Traditionally, pacemaker consists of a device which houses all the electronic circuitry and battery, which is implanted under the skin in the upper part of chest on left side or right side.

This device is connected to leads which are inserted through a vein and carried up to the right chambers of the heart. Pacemakers with single lead are called single chamber pacemaker, which stimulate right ventricle only. Pacemakers with two leads are called dual chamber pacemaker and stimulate right auricle and right ventricle in succession.

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Leadless Pacemakers-Primus Hospital

Leadless pacemaker devices are self-contained enclosed capsules that include the pacemaker electronics and battery, and are delivered via catheter to the right ventricle of the heart.  Leadless pacemakers function similarly to traditional single-chamber ventricular pacemakers without requiring transvenous leads or the need for a surgical pocket.  Dual chamber pacing is still not possible with leadless pacemakers. It does not require connecting leads (wires) or a generator, or a creation of a surgical pocket on the chest.

These are the most common causes of traditional pacemaker complications over the long-term. When the leadless device is in place, there is no lump under the skin on the chest or leads anchored to the muscle bed.  The procedure uses a catheter to place the device. The procedure typically takes less time than a traditional pacemaker implant procedure. Because there are no wires or generator, one need not limit upper body activity after the implant.

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Not everyone is a candidate for a leadless pacemaker. Currently, the device is available only for patients with certain medical conditions and a slow heart rate (bradycardia) who need single-chamber pacing only.

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Head Of Department of Cardiology

Primus Super Specialty Hospital

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