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Heart Failure Treatment Hospital in Delhi



Primus Heart Centre offers a range of specialized cardiac treatments using the latest diagnostics, treatments and surgical techniques recognized for providing high quality clinical expertise, rapid assessment and customized care.

All of our cardiac services are geared to provide rapid access to cardiac diagnosis (such as cardiograms), investigations and treatment for patients with all forms of heart disease.

Our medical professionals deliver advance services using state-of-the-art facilities and diagnostic equipments.

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Facilities also include: Sophisticated operation theatres, experienced operating theatre staff, dedicated cardiac wards and intensive care units ensuring the highest levels of care at all times of the patient journey.

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art heart technology including cardiac imaging makes Primus a leading provider of cardiac care.

  • Approaches to Cardiac care

In most cases of heart diseases, the aim is to find a combination of treatments involving lifestyle changes, medicines, devices, or surgery that will help the heart pump properly.

Treatment will usually need you and your doctor to work together to find a balance of effective treatments that you can manage in the long-term so you have the best quality of life possible.

Our cardiology consultant and specialist have a sound reputation for carrying out cardiovascular treatments.

  • How you can undertake lifestyle changes

For most people, heart failure is a life-long condition that cannot be cured. If you have been diagnosed with heart failure, you can reduce your risk of further episodes by making simple lifestyle changes.

Stopping smoking (if you smoke) will quickly reduce your risk of having a heart attack to near that of a non-smoker. Other lifestyle changes, such as eating healthily and taking regular exercise, will also improve your symptoms and reduce the pressure on your heart.

Ask our physician or healthcare professional to help you with nutrition and physical activity advice that is right for you.

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