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World Health Day-Depression – Let’s Talk

This World Health day, WHO talks about the biggest epidemic of today, which is depression? Indians do not treat depression as a disease but if we look at the statistics, a recent study reveals that over 5 crore people suffer from Depression in India alone.

World Health Day - india

It is about time, that we talk. The reason why this number is increasing in India is because nobody has the time to talk to each other in India. The monotonous routine of round the clock work and the ambition of over achievement has led to the increase in the number of person by 36% alone in the last year.

The symptoms of depression are very easy to observe:

  • Loss of energy and enthusiasm
  • Loss of WILL POWER
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of sleep/ lots of sleep

It is about time, We INDIANS begin to understand each other and appreciate each other instead of looking down upon each other’s flaws, let us appreciate each other this World HEALTH DAY.


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What is Hernia?

Hernia – More common than you think!

Hernia occurs when an organ or a fatty tissue finds its way out of a weak spot through a muscle or a connecting tissue. Since our abdominal walls are the most weak, they often make their way through that.

Types of Hernias

Types of Hernias-Primus Hospital

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Many times hernia is caused because of a combination of external pressure and the weakness of muscle or connective tissue. Many a times, this weakness in the tissue or muscle occurs through birth but later on in life it can be seen because of obesity or by lifting heavy objects. Poor nutrition, smoking or over exertion can also add to this list.

Treatment for Hernias

  • Non-Surgical
    • Watchful Waiting – This is the most recent type of treatment which believes that the treatment can occur because of medicines and not due to surgery. It is seen that in this technique, the doctor waits till the hernia starts obstructing or causing problems. Until then it is left o observation basis and not operated on.
  • Surgical
    • Laparoscopic – This is the latest technique where a keyhole surgery is performed to remove the hernia that causes obstruction and pain.
    • Open Repair – Thou open surgery is not performed anymore as these results in scars on the abdomen and the healing takes a lot of time. Hence, it is not used anymore but in complicated obstructions, it is advised to use it.

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