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Cholesterol Drug – Have more uses than you think…



The drug for cholesterol which contains statin are used widely to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body which further decreases the risk of the cardiovascular diseases in a person.

But in a recent study, it has been observed that these statin drugs help reduce the inflammation in the liver as well and these improvements help in treating the chronic liver diseases. This has been articulated in the American Journal of Physiology.

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It was also observed that by reducing cholesterol, many chronic liver disorders such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non- alcoholic steatohepatitis and biliary disorders can be treated or their effect can be reduced. It has been seen in some cases that the statin contained cholesterol drug can reduce the inflammatory molecules which increase the inflammation in the liver leading to the chronic liver disease.

Other uses of statin are:

  1. Decrease in the hardening and scarring of the tissue ( fibrosis)
  2. Decreases the development of the fatty liver
  3. Slows or stops the spreading of Hepatitis C Virus
  4. Improves the portal hypertension ( high blood pressure in the liver’s blood vessels)
  5. Removal or destruction of the existing liver tumor cells
  6. Decreases the risk of developing liver cancer

The research though extensive and still on the run suggests that statin can be a cost effective treatment for the liver diseases which can be easily tolerated by the patient and can decrease the risk of cancer forming tumors and toxins developing due to the risk of the liver diseases and fatty acids in the body.

Statin is a cheaper drug and can lead to masses if it can be worked on in improving the liver related diseases, especially in the underdeveloped and the developing countries of the World.

According to the WHO, Chronic liver disease and Cirrhosis is amongst the top 15 reasons for death in the world. Many of the deaths occur due to the unavailability of the medicines or non-tolerance by the patients.

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